Sit down, relax and chill


TYPE:   Placemaking
COST:   $$
SIZE:   Medium

Street furniture is a term used to describe elements installed on streets and sidewalks that can be used for various purposes. This includes elements such as street lights, traffic signs and waste receptacles. In terms of placemaking, street furniture is most commonly associated with seating which offers people the opportunity to rest their feet, linger and talk with others. When thinking about adding furniture for your event, consider adding them in prime locations where people would normally socialize, such as around where food is served or where much is being played. Some furniture can be installed affordably and sustainably. If you are working with your City Planning, Public Works or Parks Department, they might have seating or other furniture that they can provide you with for your event. One alternative is using furniture from Wikiblock, an open source online library of designs for benches, chairs, planters, stages, etc. that can be downloaded for free. Each of the elements on the Wikiblock website is designed to be cut from a sheet of plywood using a CNC router (a computer aided- machine) and assembled without glue or nails.



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