Learning from Knight Cities Winners

Let’s take a step back in time to the year 2016. That year, Place Make the Vote, as well as 37 other innovative projects, won the 2016 Knight City Challenges. Although 2016 may seem like a while back, many projects are still currently underway but that does not mean that lessons and ideas have not been taught and learned. George Abbott, from the Knight Foundation, has been able to collect and gather some lessons from the Knight City Challenge winners. What are these lessons you may ask? What the Knight Foundation was able to learn from the winners was:

Establish clear lines of communication to agree upon outcomes.

Stay focused, but also flexible.

Build a big tent and invite everyone in.

Don’t forget to tell your story

As projects come to a close in the future, there are bound to be many more lessons that the Knight Foundation, as well as Place Make the Vote will be able to learn from. But till then, these four key points will be kept in mind. To read more in detail about the key lessons that the Knight Foundation was able to gather, the main article can be found here.