PMTV Adds 3 Sites



Place-make the Vote had intended to start with programming four polling sites in historically low-voting communities in Long Beach for the 2016 Election season. This started with activating a polling site in the Second City Council District during the Primary Election, where the Council seat was having a runoff election between two candidates. The Place-make the Vote team added three more sites to be programmed for General Election in November, including Uptown, Central Long Beach and the Eastside.

Soon after setting those sites, one of our local partners – Century Villages at Cabrillo asked to be part of the party. The Villages at Cabrillo is community geared around a vision of breaking the cycle of homelessness. They are hosting their first ever polling site for their community of 1,500 residents during this fall’s General Election and wanted to make it special. Their enthusiasm for Place-make the Vote will help anchor Long Beach’s Westside.

Soon thereafter, the Place-make the Vote team was approached by Civic Nation a group using organizing, engagement and public awareness to address some of our nation’s most pressing challenges. They are working with Professor Donald Green of Columbia University to study the impact election day festivals near polling sites have on voter turnout. They were looking for additional sites to include in their study, Place-make the Vote was a coincidently a great fit, so two more sites have been added.

Long Beach is fortunate to have many capable organizations who could answer the call in a pinch, including the Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association and Downtown Long Beach Alliance. Both are resourceful organizations who have been able to build strong connections between their businesses and residents to create vibrant neighborhoods. So with some help from partners near and far, Place-make the Vote has expanded its impact in Long Beach nearly two-fold. Check out the map to see where your nearest Place-make the Vote site is.

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