Photo Recap: PMTV Central

On election day, hundreds of community members stopped by the Homeland Cultural Center to participate in Place Make the Vote. Located on the Eastside of Long Beach, the Homeland Cultural Center is a place for people to explore and pass on traditional and contemporary cultural traditions. Open to all ages, people and groups, programs are offered year-round in urban and traditional arts. Homeland is also the site for poetry readings, theater presentations, performances of dance and music, and cultural celebrations. Building upon the existing program of the space, the event was designed to celebrate the art and culture that happens here on a daily basis. Throughout the day, participants were able to get their face painted, create a spin art masterpiece or showcase their coloring skills at the kid’s art station. If coloring wasn’t your thing, you could have watched in awe as graffiti muralists painted beautiful pieces centered around the concept of voting and democracy. In the evening, a live breakdancing session got the crowed crowd moving as the resident DJ provided music for the entire space. Pinata Fiesta Party Supply & Rentals also stopped by to serve free cotton candy throughout the night. Check out the photos from this location above.